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    Presenter 10 - trouble importing movie


      Anyone else have trouble importing a  movie file using Presenter? I know that movie files need to be inserted via the Presenter tab right?

      I've tried both an .avi and .mov file and get an error "There was an error encoding the file".

      Thanks for the help.

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Do you have another program that can encode the videos to FLV or MP4 before you bring them into Presenter? I've never found the conversion tool in Presenter terribly useful. Maybe it is the loss of control, but I prefer to have more options than Low, Medium and High when converting my videos.


          If the videos are converted elsewhere, then it will remove the converter in Presenter from the process, and should work around this problem.

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            1leona Level 1

            I noticed that Presenter tried to convert these movies and failed. You are correct about the .mp4 format. These movies worked fine. I'll just make note to tell people to convert movies they plan on using to .mp4 for use in Presenter projects. Thanks!