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    Advanced Field Validation Needed ASAP

    kartz Level 1

      This app is great but you really need to add some more detailed field validation options.  There isn't even a phone number field validation.  Users can put in the data any way they want and that is unacceptable.  For $144 per year I expect to be able to validate the field content.

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          kartz Level 1

          I'm bumping this back up to the top.


          Field validation is a basic function of any professional form.  For example the phone numbers submitted by form users need to be in a standard format. Without validation they can be submitted as xxxxxxxxxx, (xxx) xxx-xxxx, xxx-xxx-xxxx, etc.  When the responses are viewed that column will be a mess.  I was hoping to avoid the step of saving the responses as an MS Excel file but that is the only way I can see to format the phone numbers.


          Please tell me how I can create a form field that forces users to enter a phone number in a specific format WITHOUT some kind of field validation.