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    InDesign equivalent of LiveCycle's "Image Field" in PDF form creation?


      LiveCycle has a PDF form field called "Image Field". We add this field to the PDF files we create so that our end users can select and import a JPEG image into their PDF document using Adobe Reader.


      Now we would like to use InDesign to produce the same PDF form files as an alternative to using LiveCycle. Does InDesign have a PDF form field like LiveCycle's "Image Field"? We haven't found it yet.


      In other words, does someone know in InDesign how to create a field in PDF forms which has the same functionality as LiveCycle's "Image Field"? LiveCycle's field works in enabled Adobe Reader files, and permits JPEG format, among others.


      Thank you,



      P.S. We discovered a way to create PDF forms in Adobe Acrobat Pro XI with similar functionality by using JavaScript, but the Acrobat Pro created documents only permit Adobe Reader to import PDF files, not JPEG or other image formats. So Adobe Acrobat Pro XI was not a viable alternative to LiveCycle for creating our PDF files. We'd like to know if we need to rule out InDesign, too.