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    Why is Adobe Bridge not showing the changes I had done on Camera Raw?

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      ScreenHunter_89 Sep. 13 01.00.jpg

      Dear all, I am trying out Adobe Bridge and discovered that after editing in Camera Raw (ACR), the changes was not shown on the thumbnail.


      I am using photo (1), which is the top left corner photo, as my main and tried to apply changes to the remaining 5 photos.








      ScreenHunter_90 Sep. 13 01.01.jpgScreenHunter_91 Sep. 13 01.02.jpgScreenHunter_92 Sep. 13 01.03.jpg


      I randomly changed the temperature to the mix and click "done".




















      You can see that (1) thumbnail did not change after my changes in ACR. Nevetheless, I then apply previous conversion to the remaining photos.













      Neither (1) nor other photos have changes on the thumbnail.

      Please note that when I check all the photos, inside ACR, I can see the changes (in temperature).


      How may I make the thumbnail change show in Bridge after I edited in ACR? The purpose is that I hope that  from the look (without clicking), I know there is changes (e.g changes in temperature).


      [Note: I do not own the photo(s)]


      Thank you for your help.