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    Adding a field to form that is already distributed


      I created a form using Acrobat XI then uploaded the pdf to FormsCentral. I was able to test my form and all my fields worked correctly. Thanks to the discussion boards I was even able to add a second submission button after I uploaded my form. Now it is a week later and I want to add two new text fields. I opened my pdf form in Acrobat again and added the text boxes but now they have nothing to link them to FormsCentral.


      My question is this: If I created a form using Acrobat XI, uploaded it to FormsCentral, made additional changes (extra submission button) and now I want to add text fields how can I link these new text fields, created in Acrobat, to FormsCentral? I'm not sure if my question makes sense. Basically I want to know how to add fields to an exising form without having to start again from the beginning.