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    Making crop marks black only - feature request

    Roy - GCG Level 1

      There is a need to have crop marks as black only instead of registration color. This crops up (pun semi-unintentional) when printing to a digital four-color press and the file being printed is 4C/K. Registration colored crop marks will make an otherwise black and white page "click" as a 4/C page, thereby accruing color charges from the machine vendor when you can only charge your client for B&W. I've heard all the suggestions about using manual crop marks, or the Cropmarks script (then manually changing the marks to black from registration) or using PitStop to make everything on the black pages truly black. Used them all, they're fine as long as you only have a few pages in your file, or want to make manual black marks in the slug area on a master page for every job. Even that very useful method becomes a nuisance as your client goes through several resizing decisions. It's simply annoying to have to do workarounds for something that could be done automatically at print/export with a simple checkbox option. The annoyance is multiplied when you have a book several hundred pages long with color photos scattered randomly throughout the book.


      Bottom line is, it would be a welcome feature in future versions of InDesign to be able to choose from the print/export dialogs whether you want registration colored marks or black only marks. So I guess this is less a cry for help and more a request for feature.