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    Is there a way to create an RGB curve preset in ACR that WON'T affect separate R G B curve settings?


      I'm currently try to create an RGB curve that produces a fade to the picture.   Outside of this I would like to save it as a preset for just the MAIN RGB curve because I have images that have custom separate R G B curve settings.   I can't seem to do this AT ALL.   I've viewed the XMP data in text editor and the only adjustments that are there are for the main tone curve yet it STILL ends up flatten my separate R G B curve adjustments. 


      This doesn't seem to be an issue in Lightroom yet I can't get it to work in ACR.  BTW I'm using PS CC 2014 with ACR 8.6.  Any help would be MUCH appreciated.    Is there some code I could input into the XMP text so that it would NOT do this?