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    Lightroom 5 Exporting and Plugin Issues


      Hello Everyone ! I would like to express my gratitude in advance for any advise or solutions the adobe community might provide me with these issues.


      I've been using Lightroom 4.3 for the last year with no issues. I decided it was time to try out Lightroom 5 and it's new features. So I installed a trial of 5.6 via creative cloud .  When I launched 5.6 it required me to update my catalog, which I did and didn't encounter any problems with the update.  The first problem I encountered occurred when I attempted to export an edited raw file. The export  progress bar stays at zero and never completes the export process, if it helps anyone , the files I am exporting to JPEG are Raw Nikon D600 files. If I attempt to do anything else while Lightroom is stuck in the export process , the program will become unresponsive and  I'm not even able to kill the process via windows task manager. My second problem is the Plugin manager , on Lightroom 4.3 I use the Smugmug upload plugin . On 5.6 the plugin manager crashes every time I attempt to setup the Smugmug plugin. I've tried other third party plugins and those cause Lightroom to crash as well so I don't believe it's just the Smugmug plugin. I've tried every possible solution I was able to find doing web searches but nothing has worked so far...


      The following is a list of steps I took to try to resolve the issues.

      -In the export screen I made sure that "Do nothing" was swtiched to "go to explorer" in post processing

      - uninstalled all plugins

      - Unistalled and reinstalled Lightroom 5.6

      -Uninstalled Lightroom  4.3 (perhaps a conflict ?)

      -Created a new catalog and imported new files to that catalog

      -disabled firewall and antivirus

      - Tried various JPEG re-sized dimensions

      - Tried to export to various Drives ( local, and external drives)

      -Ran Lightroom 5.6 as an administrator

      -Deleted Preference File


      Hopefully everyone can see I've tried my best to find a solution but to no avail , it's quite frustrating since I really want to upgrade to 5.6 .  I hope someone can provide a solution or point me in the right direction ! Sorry if this post is too long!


      Computer Specs

      -Windows 7

      -Intel I7 processor

      -12 gigs of Ram