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    Can't seem to properly lock a box in place with a stroke and transparent fill (problem when trying to duplicate other elements)


      Hey guys! So quick rundown: I'm an Art Director in advertising and sometimes I need to mockup banner ads. Most of them require a 1PX border all around, so I need to create a box with no fill but with a 1PX stroke and keep that as the top most layer. What ends up happening though, even if that layer is locked, if I try to duplicate another layer via "ALT + drag", it will duplicate the top most layer which is this 1PX border.


      Mind you, I have Auto-Select set to Layer, and I can work around this by turning off the 1PX border, or using "CMD + J". However, sometimes I might forget to turn it back on, so would wanna find a proper fix for this issue, and "CMD + J" is just not as comfortable as "ALT + drag" with a Wacom tablet.


      Any ideas on what can be done? I'm assuming PS sees even the transparent section of that box as a clickable object since it's technically covering the entire size of the canvas, but logically I would love for it to ignore the transparent fill.


      Thank you!