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    Camera Control - SOLVED

      Ok, I really need to know how to do this:

      Im creating an ordinary flash movie, and what i want it to do is to zoom in on a certain character at a certain point in the movie and follow that character. I want this to be done without having to enlarge everything just to fit the stage, as that is what I have previously done.

      I am aware that this can be done by creating a small rectangular window as a symbol, and applying some action script to it so that it shows only what is under it, and then this can then be moved around the stage with motion tweens.

      Does any body know how to create this objects and the action script for it?

      SOLVED - http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/webforums/forum/messageview.cfm?threadid=1257867&catid=194&CF ID=44087997&CFTOKEN=65073379e0763d96-D087DA06-DCAE-8314-2C6737EDFB3A36A9&jsessionid=1112cf e3bb915f2d454c