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    Best practice for breaking a book

    Paolo Tramannoni Level 1

      Hi Everybody,


      I'm making a long technical manual in InDesign, and am facing the issue of how and when breaking it into separate ID Documents collected into an ID Book. In the past, I've never used ID for manuals longer than 40 pages, where I had no problems with the document size. My latest manual was broken this way:


      - Front cover

      - Front matter/Safety

      - ToC

      - Main Text

      - Back cover


      With this longer manual, I will have to split the Main Text into separate parts. My preference would be to avoid excessive fragmentation, to make exporting for translators or other use less time consuming. Also, having less Documents in the Book would make mass replacement (Find/Replace > All Documents) much easier.


      So, at the moment I would avoid breaking by chapter, but going for major sections, like in this schema:


      - Front cover

      - Front matter/Safety

      - ToC

      - Main Text / Introduction

      - Main Text / Basic tasks

      - Main Text / Less basic tasks

      - Main Text / More or less advanced tasks

      - Main Text / Absolutely advanced tasks

      - Main Text / Stay away from these tasks

      - Main Text / Appendix

      - Index

      - Back cover


      Do you see any issue in breaking into sections instead of separate chapters?


      Thank you!