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    After converting my vid to constant rate with Handbreak, Premire Elements 11 gets choppy


      I am using my cell phone SGH-T599 to shoot video.  In order for me to edit it I have to convert it from variable rate to constant rate with Handbreak, otherwise the video and sound go out of sync.  But apparently there is something wrong with the conversion settings because when I start to edit it doesn't run smoothly, the indicator bar skips and gets stuck.  For example, I can not simply move the bar forward to speed up ahead.  This makes editing extremely difficult specially if I want to make a cut in the middle of a sentence etc.  Is there a way of fixing this, perhaps lowering the frame rate?  I I've included a snapshot of both Handbreak and MediaInfo.HandbrakeVideoSetting.JPGHandbreakAudioSettings.JPGMediaInfo1.JPGMediaInfo2.JPG