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    setting a fixed and consistent exposure level with merge to HDR Pro?

    dbur971 Level 1

      I do panoramas with sets of bracketed HDR images.  From LR I select my stack and then merge to HDR pro in CC.  CC then produces a screen with a white point preview slider or the option to tone in ACR.  Since I want to tone in LR I have tried to set the white point consistently for each HDR output in the panorama set, but I cannot get consistent exposure levels.  I then try to adjust them all the same in LR, but sometimes differences result in undesirable effects in the panorama stitched output.


      How can I get a 32bit HDR from PS CC back to LR and have each stack come back in with exactly the same exposure without me trying to guess with a slider?


      I task all the images for the panorama with identical settings.  Same brackets, fstop , shutter speed, ISO, etc.  I should be able to get them all processed into 32bit HDRs and looking the same without manual adjustment guesses.