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    Multilingual manual and helpfile

      Hi all,

      As a beginning technical writer for a software builder I want to convert the already present RoboHelp projects and end user manual topics into one end user source.

      This one source should be able to produce both end user manual and context sensitive help in two languages (to begin with).
      Context sensitive help should be produced for our client/server (MS HTML Help), our Windows Mobile PDA and our web version.

      As far as I can see this can be done using standard context sensitive help options of RoboHelp combined with conditional build tags.

      I am very interested in any real life experiences with aspects of the above, positive or negative.
      Am I too ambitious or do I just expect too much from RH when I want to put all this in one project source?

      Next to that I am not sure which version of RoboHelp I should use. We have Office X5.
      I've picked up RoboWizard's monthly scry on Pavlov Topics (AKA - Conditioned Response) , June 2005.
      See RoboWizard
      This should give me the opportunity to get the right language appearance in the TOC and index.

      Before I start this extra work I would really like to know if I can get what I want with RH version 6 extended conditional tags?

      Thanks in advance,