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    I can't install Flash Player onto Windows 8. My computer is a 64- bit system.


      Hi there.


      I'm having problems downloading Flash Player onto my computer. It is Windows 8 and a 64-bit system. I am using Mozilla Firefox as my browser. It downloads fine, however, when I go into my 'Download' folder and double click onto the installer.exe link it opens up a User Account Control dialogue box. I'm asked if I want the program to make changes to the computer I select 'Yes'. Nothing happens. A new box opens up and it is black and blank. When I try to close that box it takes me to a website page that tells the 'given' address is incorrect. For me to get rid of that box I have to restart my computer. The photo below is what is happening with Flash Player If you could shine some light on the situation and give me some advice that would be appreciated. Admittedly I'm getting rather tired of Mozilla Firefox, it keeps crashing and 'Not Responding'. I will soon uninstall it and go with 'Google Chrome'. I hate Internet Explorer so I won't be going with them.