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    I have a complete mess of catalogs on my Mac, switching from PC, and I have several catalogs Ive tried to start unsuccessfully and they never find all my photos.


      I need to figure out how to merge these, without duplicating them, and if I should add or move or what? Frankly I don't know where any of my photos reside anymore, the folder structure has gotten to be a nightmare.

      In iPhoto there are many more images than I can find importing from my hard drive into lightroom.

      Please. Any help migrating all my photos from aperture or iPhoto into lightroom.

      If I can retrieve original folders even better. This is crazy I don't know what I can delete and what I can't anymore.

      I have like 6 temporary catalogs all showing different pics, and some are unable to be located and more and more folders keep showing up in bridge.