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    (ntsii) Sample server-side log in

    portuguesedanny Level 1
      Hi Tracey,

      You posted the following link http://www.cflex.net/showfiledetails.cfm?ChannelID=1&Object=File&objectID=556 in a post a few days ago! Very interesting reading... (don't be embarrased about it's simplicity, as it's one of the few hopes that newbs like me have ;-) thank you)

      The doc says that it may be possible to customise for use with PHP! Any tips/suggestions how I might go about doing this?
      Also what exactly are the aspx, jsp & php files authenticating against? A file, db or maybe a directory!

      How about taking it a step further & authenticating against an LDAP directory? I'm guessing flex couldnt do that directly, therefore might the above suggestion to use PHP help.