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    Problems with Adobe Digital Editions


      I'm having massive problems with Adobe Digital Editions lately. Due to technical issues, I had to re-authorize my eReader more than the allowed 5 times. This happened before, but I always had a quick chat with the customer service and after providing e-mail and uuid, they reset the authorization for me. Until September 5th. I had to ask for a re-authorization again, and now the customer service says that my e-mail address is not connected to Adobe Digital Editions (but it is, as I tried to prove them with a print screen linkof the Digital Editions program, which they can't open due to security measures. Or they escalate it to a higher level, they tell me the technical support is not available, they are not trained in doing this, go into the forum etc. Since September 5th, I had 11 chats because of this issue. I just need to reset my authorization possibilities, so I can read DRM protected ebooks on my eReader again (as all bought ebooks are connected to one e-mail address). As you can maybe understand, I'm completely fed up with this problem. Contacting the local branch of Adobe in my country won't help, because their e-mail address is defunct and they don't provide any customer service via their phone number. I would suggest Adobe allow people to reset their authorization online, but I think that won't happen in the near future. Deeply, deeply dissapointed.