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    AE Unstable after render, have to cold boot computer as the whole system gets unstable. Help Please!!


      Hi everyone.


      I have a Intel i7 Toshiba Qosmio laptop computer with 12GB of RAM, a 3 GB Nvidia graphics card.  Two 750 GB HARD Drives.  Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium.


      I had to converted a video (in AE) from my Sony camcorder to QuickTime so Mocha could track it.  The file size was 12GB.  I motion tracked the video with Mocha, 3000 frames were tracked.  I completed my project and when I go to render it takes about 15 or more minutes to render, but after the render the whole system is completely unstable and requires a cold boot.  It renders the video fine, but the computer is unstable.


      I was watching the RAM usage while rendering and it was only using about 15% of the allocated 9 GB for AE.


      AE CS6 version 11.0.4


      Can anyone help me with this?  I uninstalled AE and reinstalled and it still behaves the same.  I just did a small project, no where as large as that one and it preformed fine. No issues.


      Is the file sizes to large for AE?  Could the motion track with Mocha be a factor in the stability of AE?


      No idea whats going on, please help me.



      Thank you.