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    My video is jumpy, not smooth?


      I'm using Premier Elements 9.  My video is jumpy, not smooth.

      I used a Kodak Playtouch. Replay in the camera was smooth.

      Am I missing on a setting? Should I have set something at the beginning of the project?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Are you working from the 9.0.1 Update of Premiere Elements 9? If not, you should be.

          What computer operating system is your Premiere Elements 9 running on?


          What project preset did you set when you opened the program and were greeted by the new project dialog?

          The project preset is supposed to be set to match the properties of your source media. Was it?


          What are the properties of your source media? One place I find that what is called Kodak Playtouch can


          1920 x 1080 @ 30 frames per second

          1820 x 720 @ 30 or 60 frames per second

          848 x 480 @ 30 frames per second

          Which one of those are you importing into Premiere Elements 9?


          When you do import your video into the project with Get Media/Files and Folders and drag the file to the Timeline,

          does the content on the Timeline have a red line over it? If so, is that what you are playing back in the Edit area monitor?

          If the red line there, are you rendering the Timeline content by pressing the Enter key of the computer main keyboard to get

          the best possible preview?


          Lots of questions. Please supply more details so that we can help you.