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    "Make text anchor in source paragraph" option turned on - error message?

    vhee Level 1

      hello inDesigners;


      i'm new at this and all its jargon, so it's probably only one dumb little thing i haven't done, but how do i fix this bloody message that comes up when trying to export a large epub?


      Found TOC hyperlinks which don't have target text anchor information. Please update TOC with "Make text anchor in source paragraph" option turned on.


      i've tried updating then saving the TOC style each time (with the option on),  praying (though as an atheist that is a bit redundant), and i can't sen to find any wayward hyperlinks.... hang on..... just thought of something....


      i do have 3 hyperlinks in the book that are no longer live (but they still need to be in there as a reference). would that be the problem? if so, how can i make them.... what's the word?... "unlive"?


      hopeful forever