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    radio button script for Livecycle static form


      On my static Livecycle PDF form, I have a radio button group called Entry_type with 2 options. If option 1 is selected, I want another radio group called T_shirt to be not available. If option 2 is selected I want T-shirt to be mandatory. I want to validate these actions before the form can be emailed or saved.


      I am a coding novice and have tried various scripts but they are not working. Here is my last attempt:

      ----- Form.Page1.Entry_type::click: - (JavaScript, client) -----------------------------------------



      if (this.rawValue == 2){

        T_shirt.validate.nullTest = "error";



      if (this.rawValue == 1){


         T_shirt.validate.nullTest = "disabled";




      ----- Form.Page1.Entry_type.Basic::click: - (JavaScript, client) -----------------------------------

      Could someone help me with a correct Javascript or Folmcalc script?


      Much appreciated.

      Regards - Maggie