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    Broken Links Return after exiting / reentering the project

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      Hey folks!  I have a really annoying issue, in a project helmed by one of my team members. The same broken links appear again and again. They are all easily repaired by importing the missing topic, which is sitting in the expected folder, with the expected name, in Windows Explorer. Importing these topics back into the project resolves the Broken Links, until he exits the project and comes back in. Pretty much the same topics appear again as Broken Links. His CPD file also tends to get bloated quickly when we don't use the option to rebuild it each re-entry. The same problems occur whether we do or do not rebuild the cpd each time.


      He is in RH 10. I am in RH 11, so I took a backup of his project and brought it into RH11 a few minutes ago, and resolved a couple dozen broken links, then exited the project. Same thing happens. I am THIS close to starting a new project and setting it all up again. But is there something else I can try?


      Oh - we already tried rebuilding the xpj file.


      It's not all topics, but quite a few - too many to keep rebuilding each time he goes back into the project.



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