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    Cannot install FP 15 on Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit


      This is my first time asking on the forums.  Normally I find answers on the interweb because other people have already traveled the path. Please forgive me if I break any protocols.


      Your FAQ site talks about loading Flashplayer 15 onto computer and web browser, but skips right over the part I cannot get past: How to install it on my computer.


      I downloaded it to my desktop.  I double clicked it and waited.  And waited.  No further activity.  No confirmations of any sort. 


      So I re-downloaded, thinking maybe my internet connection might have paused.  Again, no loading success.    I even followed one adobe site recommendation to unload the old one from my computer.  Now I don't even have the old version to fall back on.


      Please help.  Everything needs FP to function.  I believe even my refrigerator and electric razor need it.