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    Ethics on compatibility (or total lack of it)

    Thierry Robelin

      Since I am a very, very pissed off user of the e-book technology, I wish there were a way to contact Adobe instead of a community of users...

      I bought a sony PRS-T2 and guess what, it's not one of the ADE compatible devices!!!!

      When I bought it the model was pretty new, so I figured, since the T1 was listed I thought, there probably won't be enough difference to make one compatible and the other not.

      And if it happens not to work, it surely is going to get on the list of compatible devices within a few weeks at most, right?

      Wrong!!! Over a year has passed and guess what? Still not compatible!

      DRM removal tools don't always work so that is not a solution either.

      Now you could call me stupid for not getting well informed on that technology, but I was fooled into thinking that this was a STANDARD. So if it was called ebook reader, it had to be useable, right?

      I just wish there were some kind of PIRATE-ADE allowing me to download my 100% LEGALLY PURCHASED ebooks onto my 100% LEGALLY PURCHASED e-reader without the hassle of having to run every single e-book through a drm remover and praying each time that it's going to work.

      Can you tell I'm pissed off?

      Is there any adobe person reading this? Well if there is, you should know how PISSED OFF I am!!!! The sony PRS-T2 is not a device developed by some unknown tiny little company in some puny little lost country in some remote, unknown part of the world. It is SONY for christ's sake!!!! What DO YOU NEED to make it compatible?????

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          dmizer419@live.com Level 1

          I too am an ebook user;  started with a  Sony  PRS-T1 reader and switched to a KOBO reader.  I went through such a hassle trying  to get my  Adobe authorization transferred to my new Kobo, and now, guess what--I can't read any of the books I have on the Sony, using the Kobo, or vice-versa.  I was really teed off at Sony for abandoning their ebook sales, after I  spent what to me was a fortune on books for  their reader, but I guess that was their decision.  I'll never  buy the Sony  tablet, computer  or phone I  was planning to purchase.  The Kobo works fine and (thankfully) so  does my original Sony, though I can't use just one or the other for all my books


          This makes me angry; what it amounts to is interference by Adobe to block my reading of  books I've bought and paid for.


          I  haven't tried to force open the ebooks and  work  around the DRM authorization, not smart enough.  If you find a way to do this, please will you let me know.  I have tried  to play by  Adobe's rules and it has cost me  access to most of my ebook library.  I'm really disgusted, as I can see that you are.  I wish we could start a class-action suit against Adobe.


          Anyway, I know from  reading the forum entries that I'm not nearly alone in this.  If  you have any luck  solving your (our) problems, will you please let me know.


          Thanks very much.



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            Thierry Robelin Level 1

            Hi dmizer

            There are a few available drm-removal tools on the internet. A google search will help you find them (avoid the sites that look suspicious, and always make sure you have an antivirus on your pc). Most are "30-day trial", after which you will have to pay for them. I found a freeware tool but it does not work well, some of my converted books lost entire chapters! So it is not enough to get a "success" message. If you chose to get a paying software, use the free trial period to convert the books you already have and see if they got converted correctly.


            The drm-removal process is very easy: open your epub files with the tool you have downloaded and installed. It will create a new epub (usually with the same name but in another folder. That new file is practically identical to the original, but without the protection. You'll then have to copy manually the book onto your reader.

            Therefore Adobe Digital Editions is only used to download the book from where you have bought it. Otherwise it becomes a useless piece of software. Isn't that sad?


            Now, I don't know in detail what the "legal" rules are. I guess the intention was to emulate the single "paper" book that may change hands but never gets duplicated. It's like software, you get a licence to have and use a single copy of it. So removing the drm-protection is not illegal in itself (someone please correct me if I'm wrong). If you only keep one copy of your ebook at a time (i.e. if you copy it on your sony reader then you should erase it from the kobo) you should be ok with laws. It may be enough to make sure that while you are using one reader, the other is turned of and laying unused in a drawer. You can of course keep all ebooks on your pc as they are considered backup copies.


            Hope this all helps!

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              dmizer419@live.com Level 1

              Thanks, Thierry, for the information.  I do get frustrated, and I live for

              the day when I can  open  any book I  own on either reader.  May that day

              come soon. 


              I  am keeping your email and will dig into it.


              Thanks again.


              David  Mizer