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    Help w/ recreation...

      I'm completely new to Flex, and I even got the Total Training for it. The script and code is hard for me to follow, so I am asking for help in recreating this right here:
      The Denver Broncos Virtual Trading Card program was discontinued, so I'm doing what I can to set it up on an offsite location. I'm a graphic designer but I don't know how to recreate this using Flex. I know how to do all the graphics in Illustrator & Photoshop and I know Flash as well.

      Here's the address: http://www.denverbroncos.com/tradingCardApp/
      Sign in using my account... Name: White Dragon - Password: 101183

      If anyone can help me with this, I would greatly appriciate it.

      ANY help is GREATLY appriciated.

      Contact Info:
      email: whitedragon1983na@yahoo.com
      Yahoo: smartguy21na
      AIM: smartguy22na

      Thanks In Advance ~ Nick