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    How to Get an Accurate Export Preview in Develop


      As I've seen in hundreds of threads, the Develop module and Library module show strikingly different images when viewed in Fit or Fill. It's necessary, of course, to edit an image in FIT if it's too large to see the whole image in 1:1. In modern photography, few people are editing images that are 800x600, so it's necessary to shrink the image to fit the screen and see what the output would be like as a smaller JPG or a PRINT (done in LR by using the Fit or Fill viewing option). You can't get that by going 1:1 or 1:2.


      The problem is that what you see in Fit view in Develop mode isn't the same as Fit view in Library mode or as what the exported image looks like.

      I use image sharpening and noise reduction for artistic effect and also to compensate for shooting in less than ideal lighting and adjusting for noise in high ISO setting. What's the point of even having those features available in LR if you can't use them? And what can I do to get my exported image to look like the Develop module show it to be?

      If this can't be fixed, I'll definitely be moving to a different editing software, as this experience with LR and Adobe's customer service (lack thereof) has bee extremely disappointing.

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          DdeGannes Adobe Community Professional

          The first step is to ensure you are using proper Color Management practices by ensuring your Monitor is properly calibrated using a hardware device such as i1 Eye One Display2 or similar device.

          You can find good advice at the link below.

          Luminous Landscape Forum - Index

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            SeanMcCormack Adobe Community Professional

            Develop should be closer to any export than Library because Develop is working with the original file, not a cached preview as is the case with Library. There's also the export issue of fitting something into a smaller container. If you pour a 2L bottle of water into a 1L glass, you're gonna lose a litre of water. Exporting usually means taking a high bit expansive colour file and squeezing it into an 8bit sRGB file in a worst case scenario. You're simply going to lose information, and that's true in any application. You can control it a little with the choice of conversion engines, or with with rendering intent. Both of which are fixed in the case of Lightroom's export. 

            Personally, I only every see issues when I'm viewing files in non colour managed applications. Unfortunately, there's nothing any program can do about that.

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              TristenBlack Level 1

              Unfortunately, I don't think you understood my original post. The color quality isn't the issue, nor is the file size or type in exporting.


              The issue is that what I see in Develop mode in terms of image clarity and sharpness is not what I see when I export (or when I view the image in Library mode). I understand that Library mode may be different, but I at least expect LR to export what I see in Develop. Like I said, I've seen TONS of posts about this issue and nobody has posted a viable solution yet on any of them.


              I'll probably just switch to a different software because this is ridiculous. And Adobe does not have good customer service to help fix the problem.