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    Lightroom only recognizing / importing ~10% of the images on my memory card, but not consistently?


      Lightroom is only recognizing some images from my memory card when I import from the camera. The amount of images it recognizes on a given attempt varies (114 one time I plugged in and tried to import, 128 images another time...etc.). It's only seeing about 10% of total number of images on the card, AND the previews of the images it does see aren't working.


      Any ideas? This started right after I downloaded the recent updates.

      Previously I've had problems with it being slow to recognize the camera when plugged in, but this is a new one. I know the photos are still there (thank goodness) because I can flip through them on my camera.






      I'm on a MacBook Pro, OS X 10.9.4.

      Lightroom 5, Version 5.6 (Build 974614)

      Just downloaded the updates today.

      Camera is a Nikon D90, a few years old.

      Memory card is a SanDisk 16GB SDHC.


      Things I've already tried (that haven't worked):

      Restarting Lightroom

      Creating a new catalogue, and importing to that

      Optimizing the existing catalogue

      Turning the camera on and off

      Trying a new connector cables (USB to mini USB)