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    CC 2014 Ruler tool Straighten button is dimmed in layered files (Mac and Win versions)

    gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      I have a Grayscale/8 bpc file with a Levels Adjustment layer.


      In CC 2014 I use the ruler tool to drag out a line and the notice the Straighten button in the Options bar is dimmed whether I have the Background layer or the adjustment layer selected. If I flatten the image the Straighten button is active.


      In CC, if I select the Background layer, the Straighten button is active. Not if I select the Adjustment layer. Same behavior in CS6. (So the problem looks to be in CC2014 only)


      This is noted in both the Mac and Windows versions of CC 2014.1.0 (which would leave out the OS and hardware glitches.)


      Tried a flat grayscale file, added an adjustment layer, and noticed the same problem in CC 2014.  (that eliminates a buggy file)


      The fact that at least with the Background layer selected in CC and CS6, the Straighten button is active, so this is looking like something specific to CC 2014.


      Before I call it a "bug", I would like to know if anyone is seeing this or knows  of a fix?