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      Hello, i would like someone to tell me how i can create dvd application and publish them, so i can watch my applications on a tv, via my dvd player ?

      thank you for your time
        • 1. DVD CREATION
          SafariTECH Level 1
          Creating a multimedia DVD and a DVD movie (standard DVD player) are two completely different animals.

          To make an actual DVD movie that plays in a standard DVD player you need to use a DVD authoring software.

          Director can create multimedia DVDs and use DVD videos as part of it's infrastructure, but must play on a computer.

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            Level 7
            SafariTECH wrote:

            > Director can create multimedia DVDs

            Perhaps it would be better to write that Director can create the /content/
            for multimedia DVDs, or else people are going to start asking how to write
            DVDs from Director.