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    Text frames are exceed in page margins

    ASHOK KUMAR Level 1

      Dear All


      In my InDesign file text frames are exceed in page margins. How to get report this pages and some text frames text threads are missing. How to get report by Java script.


      Thanks in advance




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          mdegamo Level 1

          This is not a scripting method, but you can achieve the same effect via preflight.
          You just have to check "Bleed/Trim Hazard" under "IMAGES and OBJECT" and supply the values of Live Area similar to your margins.

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            BEGINNER_X Level 3

            Hi Ashram,


            May the below code give the logic for you,

            If I have time, I will provide the complete script for you.


               if( app.selection[0].geometricBounds[3] > page.bounds[3]){  
                    alert("frame is exceed")


            use the below link:


            Text frames exceeds the margin




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              Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              @Mark Anthony – exploiting the preflight is a very clever idea, because it will be absolute precise when it comes to irregular shapes (it does not use the bounding box of an object).


              But there is a grain of salt here: If an object is accross the page bounds, preflight will fail to detect that as an error:


              Irregular shape outside detection zone (bounding box is inside):

              No error.



              Irregular shape at the edge of the dection zone (a tiny bit inside) is prompting an error (that's good!):




              Clearly this is prompting an error (as it should be):



              But the following is not prompting an error. Now the shape is accross the detection zone. And that's not good!




              For cases like that, we have to check two different detection zones.
              One inside (here in my example +10 mm) and one outside (maybe something like -100 mm ??!)
              But this cannot be done. Only positive values allowed!

              For cases like that you have to wide the detection zone by defining a bleed area:




              Widening the detection zone is only possible with defining the bleed area.

              So let's set this to something like 200 mm to catch larger objects crossing…

              Oops: 152.4 mm is the maximum allowed!

              Well, only for a user doing this in the UI.

              By scripting you can expand this to more than 152.4 mm.

              (Did not find a maximum value with that.)


              Here an extreme example with a bleed of 2,000 mm around an A4 page in InDesign CS5.5: