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    POST probs w/ FileReferenceList = No Cookies or NTLM Auth?! WTF

    bs9999 Level 1
      Im using flash.net.FileReferenceList within my Flash 8 object to enable multiple file uploading from within my .ASPX web page. My browser is Firefox under Windows 2003 Server. The problem Im having is when the upload is submitted to my server (the same server the webpage and flash object came from) apparently Adobe forgot to include the browser's cookies when POSTing to the server as well as the NTLM Authentication header, all of which is sent by the browser for standard POST requests outside the flash object.

      Is there ANY way i can resolve this apparent bug with flash? Is this problem resolved in Flash 9? I need for flash to submit the browser's cookie and NTLM Auth info back to my server, the way it normally should.