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    Opening a pdf attachment in a secure email


      I have a client who is running Windows 7 Pro SP1 with Acrobat Pro 8.3.1 and Reader XI.


      He receives daily emails from his bank which they refer to as "secure e-mails" and they have his statement attached as a .pdf document. All he remembers is that his banker came to his office when the bank switched to this system, but he doesn't recall if it was just for training or if the banker installed/configured something on the computer.


      The issue is that when he clicks on the attachment he gets a popup from Adobe Acrobat that says "Cannot use Adobe Reader to view PDF in your web browser. Reader will now exit, Please exit your browser and try again." The popup has OK and Cancel buttons. If he clicks OK, the popup goes away and then the attachment opens.


      He contacted me last week because then when he clicked OK, the popup disappeared but then nothing else happened. He also couldn't view any pdf attachments. I did some lookup and what I found indicated to change the default file association for .pdf from Acrobat to Reader. I did that and then non-secure pdf attachments would open with no popup. But he is still getting the popup with the secure email attachments even though it will open after clicking OK.


      Is there any way to change his setup so that when he tries to open the pdf's that are attached to the secure emails from his bank, that they will open up without any warning or error like the non-secure ones do now?