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    imported iMovie audio out of sync after slow mo clip


      I am dragging a completed iMovie project (mp4) into Premier Elements primarily so I can burn it to DVD.  New iMacs don't have the iDVD application any longer.    It works fine with one exception.   I have a clip in the movie where it is slow motion.  At this point, the audio moves along in real time, and is out of sync for the rest of the movie.  Is there a way to make sure the audio and video stay married regardless of slow of fast motion clips when bringing them into Premier Elements?


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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What version of Premiere Elements are you using and can we assume that it is running on a Mac computer?


          Are you saying that you export an iMovie Timeline to an .mp4 file with perfect slow motion video and audio fitting that slow motion?

          But when you import that into Premiere Elements the slow motion portion is no longer with its audio? If you playback the .mp4 on a computer player, is all OK but just not in Premiere Elements after import?


          1. What are the properties of the iMovie export other than its file extension of .mp4?

          Video compression

          Audio compression

          Frame Width

          Frame Height

          Frame Rate

          Interlaced or Progressive

          Aspect Ratio


          2. What is the project preset that you set for the Premiere Elements project into which you import this iMovie export?


          3. When you playback the Timeline .mp4 in the Edit area monitor, is the Timeline content render or unrendered as judged

          from the render indicator color line over its contents - unrendered, red for Premiere Elements earlier than 11 or orange for Premiere Elements 11 and 12?


          Let us start here and then decide what next.


          Thank you.



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            Timarron Level 1

            Hi A.T.


            Thanks for responding and trying to help me.  I will do my best to answer your questions.


            I am using Premier Elements Version 12.0, and yes it is running on a new 27-inch iMac running OS X Version 10.9.4


            I create a movie in iMovie (V. 10.0.5) from clips loaded from a Canon camcorder.  On about the 3rd or 4th clip in the iMovie, I slow the video playback to 50%, and mute the original audio.  Then, the following clips go back to natural speed and audio.  I save the iMovie using the "File >Share>File" steps, and it creates an MP4 file of the movie on my desktop.


            Then, I open Premier Elements, and drag and drop the MP4 file where it says "Drop Files Here".     Then, I go up to the "Publish + Share" in the menu bar, and select "Disc".   Premier Elements finds my external Samsung DVD writer, and then I click "Burn".


            It burns the DVD and I then can eject and take to my DVD player to play it on the TV.    It works great…..until it gets to the slow motion part of the movie.   At that point, the video does indeed slow down to 50% speed, but the audio track just keeps going at 100% percent…… so about halfway through the slo-mo part, you start hearing the audio from the next clip.   And from that point on the entire rest of the movie is out of sync.


            From your detailed questions, I'm likely skipping some needed steps regarding presets, compression and so on, but to be honest, I don't even know how to check all the other properties you ask about.  In iMovie, it never asks for anything other than the aspect ratio, which I set at 16:9.


            Essentially, I was planning on using Premier Elements simply as a means to burn an iMovie-created movie to a DVD, as Apple has discontinued iDVD and internal optical drives on the newer iMacs.  ( I purchased Premier Elements as an add-on when I purchased Photoshop Elements on the chance I might someday try it out).


            What I'm afraid of, is that Premier is set up more as a stand-alone movie creator where I would import the raw clips and create the entire project in it, with the transitions and so on.   Perhaps importing a completed movie from iMovie just to use the burn feature isn't going to work without a lot of work-arounds.


            Anywhooooo, that is my situation.  I may have to research other stand-alone apps that are made to just burn DVD's.   I think they are out there.  Again, thanks for your interest and willingness to help.



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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              This may be an easy matter to turn into success. Willing to give it a try?


              The details of the following will be the key to all this

              I save the iMovie using the "File >Share>File" steps, and it creates an MP4 file of the movie on my desktop.

              First thing involved is finding out the properties of what you are exporting from iMovie.

              In the export area of iMovie, it must show somewhere a description of the export settings that you are using for the export.

              In the export area of iMovie, do you see any mention of frame size and frame rate of the export. I will settle for that for the time being. As much

              information as possible from the iMovie export area settings will be a big help.


              Once we know that information, we can set up Premiere Elements.

              Also, when you get to Publish+Share/Disc/DVD disc, what are you setting or leaving set

              NTSC Dolby DVD


              NTSC Widescreen Dolby DVD?


              Please let me know your decision on how you want to proceed.





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                Timarron Level 1

                Yes, I am definitely willing to give it a try.  Thanks again for your help.


                I will look for those details you are requesting, and if necessary, call Apple support to get help finding those settings.   I will advise when I have the info. 



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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks for giving this a try. But, there are several ways to get the iMovie properties that will help us with the Premiere Elements project settings.


                  1. As suggested, just read the export settings in the iMovie export area from which you are exporting


                  2. Import your iMovie export into a Premiere Elements project...make sure that you are in the Expert workspace. You will do the import using

                  Add Media/Files and Folders/Project Assets. Right click the thumbnail of this video file in Project Assets, select Properties, and then let us

                  know what is given for the properties - frame size, frame rate, etc.


                  3. Run your iMovie export file through a properties readout program, such as MediaInfo for Mac.



                  You would get the fullest information with 3 (probably more than we need), but 1 and 2 are the quickest and may provide the information that we

                  need. If not, then 3.


                  Thanks for following up on the suggestion.