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    Startup problems using NetConnection and NetStream to FMS

    Mister_Mitbewohner Level 1

      Hi there,


      unfortunately I'm a noob at Director and my task is to build a simple 2-people-video chat. I'm using Director 11.5, Windows 7 and Flash Media Server 3 (well, not sure about the version, but an old one).


      I found out that I can use a NetConnection-object in Director to connect to the server. But my only information source is the user manual:

      http://help.adobe.com/en_US/Director/11.5/UsingScripting/WSc3ff6d0ea77859461172e0811d50262 762-7f24.html

      There only are some single code lines without any details. So my code looks like this until now --- I didn't replace any of the sample code, just copied all I would like to use somehow.


        myNetConObject = sprite(1).newObject("NetConnection")
        myStream = sprite(1).newObject("NetStream", myNetConObject)


      The manual unfortunately does NOT tell me HOW I can give the parameters, for example the source of a camera video. Has it to be the installation URL of the camera? Has it to be the name of the camera? Do I have to set up an "source" object somehow and attach a camera to that? Same thing with the micro.

      Next: what is "whatToPublish" and "whatToPlay"? Shall it be the attached video (and how shall I name that)? Shall it be just "video"? (for publidhing.)  Shall it be an url for play?

      Also: how do I get logged in with a user name and how can I play a stream of another user?


      Somehow I'm very frustrated about the help documents... These example lines didn't help me, because they're not giving any specification what parameters really are needed and such things.

      Can someone help me please? I'd also be glad about links to tutorials or other forum questions about that. Didn't find any myself.

      Thanks in advance fr your help and hints!