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    RH9 - Can I restore layouts in "Single Source Layouts" pod from .ssl files?

    JaredHess Level 1

      RH 9 (latest)

      Windows 7 x64


      Due to some corruption somewhere in our main help project that prevented me from generating layouts using the RoboHelp command line (rhcl.exe), I deleted my .xpj file and .cpd file, and then recreated the .xpj project file from the .hhp file. This is the recommended fix to get things back to normal that I did two years ago when I got this same error. (For info, see Command line generation errors in log. How do I fix this?)


      However, as expected, all my single source layouts are now missing from the Single Source Layouts pod. Is there a way to recreate the single source layouts from the .ssl files so they appear back in the pod with their previous settings? Like a way to re-import then into the project? I have 36 individual ssls just for printable output alone that I spent creating all day last Friday (1 per chapter), I really do NOT want to manually recreate them.


      A related question is, where does RH store the link between xpj and ssl layouts? Because when I checked the xpj inside Notepad++ prior to deleting it, there weren't any references to the individual single source layout files there; I don't understand how deleting an xpj file removes references to the ssls when the .ssl files obviously still exist in the project folder.