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    Photoshop confusion


      Good evening all, wonder if someone can help please?

      I 'retired' from full-time photography some 4 years ago after 14 years working professionally, but like many things one does for a long time.....the desire to return becomes too great to ignore, so I've come back to the game again, but on my terms!


      My confusion is this....

      When I last used Photoshop, I used to sort my images in Bridge, edit them in Camera Raw and then bring them into Photoshop for final adjustments etc before outputting to print. All pretty simple. Having come back into the fold and looked at the latest version of P'shop etc, I decided to use Adobe's offering of Photoshop CC and Lightroom as a package, and now have them both on my iMac. I have never used Lightroom before but am enjoying playing around with it and it seems to cater for virtually every adjustment and editing process I could currently require.


      Last night I decided to import all my old 'actions' into P'shop CC, and noticed in the applications menu that I seem to have P'shop CC and P'shop CC 2014. Not sure how this has come about, but I can open either one of them, which seems a bit pointless. Do I need them both? Can I remove P'shop CC and just have CC 2014, or is CC 2014 an automatic upgrade of CC which relies on CC to function as a base program? I have no idea! My imported 'old' actions now appear in the Actions palette of CC 2014, (which is where I put them) and they don't appear in CC.



      I have found and downloaded Adobe Bridge, and can bring images from Bridge into Camera Raw for editing, but I'm wondering if there's any point! Certainly Lightroom appears to be a very comprehensive software offering, and to all intents and purposes, seems to be capable of doing everything that Bridge and Camera Raw can do, but with greater functionality! So what is the purpose of having Bridge and Camera Raw at all!

      Perhaps I'm missing something very obvious, and if this post appears a bit dim, then I apologise for it. But I'm guessing that Lightroom and P'shop CC 2014 are all that I need?


      Any help would be appreciated