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    HP Printing issues with LR 5.6


      I have just upgraded to LR5.6 on a Windows 8.1 laptop.

      I am having printing problems printing to a HP Photosmart C309G printer. I have previously printed successfully to this printer from LR4 running on a Vista laptop.

      The issues I am having are as follows:-

      1. When I try to change the page orientation in Page Setup, it makes no difference to the orientation of the image.
      2. Once I have setup the printer settings in the Printer dialoque, and send it to the printer to print on A4 size paper; LR says that it is rendering the image; it completes then the printer pulls through the paper but does not print anything. I have tried various settings without success. However, if I change the size to 10x15cm it prints OK.

      I am completely stumped as to how to proceed, because I have no issue printing to the printer from MS Office products and Adobe Photoshop Elements.

      Any help would be gratefully accepted.