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    Accessible Table does not recognize a linked image




      I am trying to tag a table that has some images that are linked to various websites. I am able to tag the contents of the table and the links work.

      The only problem I have is that the "Alt" text does not display. We have tried to set the Alt numerous times and when you look at the properties, the text shows.. Here is an example of the table

      9-15-2014 3-04-06 PM.png

      This was originally created with Indesign and expoeted to a PDF. Then the contents were tagged using Acrobat Pro 11.


      Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

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          a C student Level 3

          Hi jblizzard,


          Is the alt text applied to each Figure tag? When and where does the alt text not display? It should show up if you save as Text (Accessible), or view using a screen-reader-emulator such as Callas PDFgoHTML or PAC, or if you listen using AT such as NVDA or JAWS.


          Also, when you refer to the table as "accessible", what does that mean? (I ask because I do not see any link tags)


          a 'C' student