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    most efficient way to add maintain items dynamically

      Hi everyone,

      I am going to build a website that delivers news and events of a particular sport. I understand that I need to use RSS to deliver news content but I was wondering about the other part of what I want to do. I have come across sites that will have for example, all upcoming basketball games for a specfic region. The user can either search according to region or browse through, sometimes very comprehensive, up to date listings. In my uneducated mind, the only way I know how to build such an event listing is to manually scour the web and enter each event into a database, then of course use ColdFusion to "expire" the events when they have passed. Or I could let the web community build the events themselves, by allowing them to propose an event, then I as administrator would validate and allow it to post. The problem is, when building a new site, I would like it to be comprehensive from the beginning. Is there any more dynamica way to do what I just described in CF? Or any other way?

      thank you,

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          Take a look at the current websites that offer information about the sporting events you are interested in. Do any of them offer RSS feeds? If so, you can roll your own RSS aggregator to pull the information down from them to use in your application. Keep in mind:

          In some cases, someone had to compile this data from a number of different souces, which may mean the websites may have restrictions on how the data in their feeds can be used.

          If you are dealing with just one sport at just one level (collegiate, NBA, etc) you can go directly to the site of the overseeing body of the sport to see if you can obtain the data you want in electronic format.