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    How do I eliminate the space at the top of an ordered list in ePub?


      Hi there!


      I am an InDesign newbie working on creating my first book for PDF, print and ePub.  I have the PDF and print versions nailed, but am still having at least one ugly little issue with the ePub.  Specifically, I have endnotes at the end of the book that take the form of than ordered list (<ol>) in XML.  There are a number of small chapters in the book, and I have the names of the chapters above the numbered endnotes.  All of them work perfectly except for the very first entry.  The first entry is not considered a part of the ordered list, and so is kicked up several lines on the ePub, thus leaving a big empty space that is not necessary or aesthetically pleasing.  I'm pretty sure I figured out how to fix it in the actual XHTML file by just moving that paragraph into the ordered list, but whenever I try to convert that folder back into an ePub file I receive a note from Nook (the program I'm using to test) that it can't be opened.  So, is there a way to get the first line as a part of the ordered list inside of InDesign so that there's not a gap of several lines between the first title name and the actual endnotes? Alternatively, are there some other methods I should be using to edit the actual ePub file, apart from renaming it as a Zip file, unzipping it, rezipping it and then turning it back into an ePub?  Or a different program I should be using for testing?


      Here's a picture from inside InDesign with Story Mode open.  (This is what it should look like, without the gap, but also kind of shows where the ordered list begins.)  I can probably get a picture from the ePub, too, if that helps.

      References InDesign.png   


      Hopefully this is clearer than mud.  Thanks in advance for your help!