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    I have 5 yes checkboxes and 5 No checkboxes. If any No is selected. a field is turn grey, even if 4 Yes checkboxes is selected. How would the script be?

    lpianwi Level 1



      I wrote the following script but it does not work:

      if((form1.Page1.CBox1.rawValue==1||form1.Page1.CBox2.rawValue==1||form1.Page1.CBox3.rawVal ue==1||form1.Page1.CBox4.rawValue==1 || form1.Page1.CBox5.rawValue==1) && (form1.Page1.CBoxNo1.rawValue!=1)){

          form1.Page1.CheBoxfield.fillColor = "125,125,125";



      The above is just one condition, and it does not work. I do not know why it does work. Please users help.