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    Publishing Contribute pages with Dreamweaver

      I have a project coming up where Contribute seems like the ideal solution for the customer end, but they want me to act as publisher and administrator. I've played around with Contribute in the past, but I would prefer to be able to do my publishing through Dreamweaver. However, all I can seem to find are articles telling me how to administrate through Dreamweaver. Can anyone tell me if it's even possible to publish and, if so, how?


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          If someone else was using Contribute on a site, but you wanted to make a change via Dreamweaver, you would have to download the page from the server via FTP, modify it in Dreamweaver, and then reupload it to the server.

          However, there are problems with this technique as whilst you are working in Dreamweaver on the file on your local computer, the other person might use Contribute to modify that file on the server.

          It would be easier if you got yourself a copy of Contribute and used it too. It's not that different from Dreamweaver.