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    User rights to modify document changes


      I am the Director of Information Technologies for my organization, and I am not an InDesign user; however, I have a little familiarity with the program (very little).



      A user on a Windows 7 Pro 64-bit workstation using Indesign CS6 is having a strange problem that comes and goes. She will open a document and be able to modify it with no issues. When opening the same file at another time she is limited in the changes she can make. For example, she can insert text, but she cannot change font or font size. It is a strange mixture of issues. Closing and launching InDesign may or may not fix the problem. There is no consistency or pattern in when the problem appears or disappears.


      The issue happens with multiple documents, and the files she works with were handed down to her from a prior user. She has modify rights to all of the files. She has never created a brand new file and has only worked with template files created by our communication department.



      1. I logged on with administrator rights on the same computer and could not replicate the problem.
      2. We had another user with user rights to a shared document logon to the same computer, and we could not replicate the problem.
      3. We had the user logon to a different machine that has InDesign installed, and the problem existed for her but not with a different user.
      4. On the user's machine I completely removed her local profile and let the system rebuild it.


      Any thoughts or help will be greatly appreciated.