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    How do I get my error log to stop outputting in Chinese?


      Hello friendly Adobe community!


      I'm running Photoshop CC 2014 (although I had an already existing installation of CS6 on this computer, and the settings were imported).  I'm working on a long batch automation, and trying to troubleshoot my way through all the problems with the process.  I choose the option to export the errors to a log, so I can go back and fix them later, but when the log is generated, the text comes out in Chinese (or Japanese, sorry, I have problems differentiating between the two).   This error also occured in CS6, and I was hoping the update would fix it.


      1) I downloaded CC from Adobe's website, so I don't think it's an issue with the software or installation, as it was all automated.

      2) The UI language is in English.


      Here's a sample of the text:


      匀琀愀爀琀 䈀愀琀挀栀ഀ਀ഀ਀䘀椀氀攀㨀 ∀䌀㨀尀唀猀攀爀猀尀䐀愀瘀椀猀尀䐀攀猀欀琀漀瀀尀刀漀礀愀氀 䌀愀甀猀攀尀䨀甀洀戀氀攀 刀愀眀⬀䘀椀渀椀猀栀攀搀 猀渀椀瀀 爀攀挀漀瘀攀爀礀 㤀ⴀ㄀㔀ⴀ㄀㐀尀㄀㄀㔀 欀欀渀眀开㤀㠀  㘀⸀瀀渀最∀ഀ਀䔀爀爀漀爀㨀 吀栀攀 瀀愀爀愀洀攀琀攀爀猀 昀漀爀 挀漀洀洀愀渀搀 ∀䌀氀漀猀攀∀ 愀爀攀 渀漀琀 挀甀爀爀攀渀琀氀礀 瘀愀氀椀搀⸀ ⠀ⴀ㈀㔀㤀㈀㌀⤀ഀ਀ഀ਀䘀椀氀攀㨀 ∀䌀㨀尀唀猀攀爀猀尀䐀愀瘀椀猀尀䐀攀猀欀琀漀瀀尀刀漀礀愀氀 䌀愀甀猀攀尀䨀甀洀戀氀攀 刀愀眀⬀䘀椀渀椀猀栀攀搀 猀渀椀瀀 爀攀挀漀瘀攀爀礀 㤀ⴀ㄀㔀ⴀ㄀㐀尀㄀㄀漀氀椀瘀攀猀开㤀㠀㄀㄀㘀⸀倀一䜀∀ഀ਀䔀爀爀漀爀㨀 吀栀攀 瀀愀爀愀洀攀琀攀爀猀 昀漀爀 挀漀洀洀愀渀搀 ∀䌀氀漀猀攀∀ 愀爀攀 渀漀琀 挀甀爀爀攀渀琀氀礀 瘀愀氀椀搀⸀ ⠀ⴀ㈀㔀㤀㈀㌀⤀ഀ਀ഀ਀


      I have no idea what any of that says, but the boxes for the missing characters are sometimes shaped differently than they are appearing in this forum text box. Some are larger, some are smaller.


      Can anyone help? Anyone experienced something similar?  Have I just missed some obscure setting in the preferences menu?


      Thank you!