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    Change Axis for Chart

    compubrook Level 1
      How does one change the data displayed on the axis?

      For example: Say I have temperature data in an xml file for the entire day, taken every 5 minutes, for a total of 288 data points. I then want to graph it, but instead of having 288 little ticks, I want the horizontal axis to read (6am .. 12 pm .. 6 pm .. 12 am) or something like that, with only 4 ticks. How does one do that?

      To take it a step further, say I have 1 week worth of data to display on a slider chart similar to Google finance. When I zoom in I want it to display it hour by hour, but when I zoom out can I display it day by day (example, Zoom In = 1 am, 2am, etc AND Zoom out - Monday, Tuesday, etc...)

      Any help would be appreciated.
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          compubrook Level 1
          I can answer the first part:

          I used a secondaryhorizontalaxis, and the used the secondaryhorizontalaxisrenderer to format it correctly. One thing to loo out for is f you want the seconday axis to be the only axis displayed as well as be on the bottom you must render the first axis visible=false and then placement=top. if you dont place the first axis on the top the second axis will automaticall be displayed on the top.

          Any help on the zooming?