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    Problems with frame accuracy when carrying time remapped clips from Premiere to After Effects

    pkroll Level 1

      Hi all - I keep running into an issue where if I have a time remapped clip in Premiere, it is impossible to take that clip into After Effects and preserve EXACTLY the same time-remapping.


      It will come out more or less the same, but I am comparing by taking a render from Premiere, stacking it on top in AE, and using the difference blending mode. The result: anywhere from a few isolated frames here and there to (in some cases) all of the frames will be slightly different. It's like AE is using basically the same remapping instructions, but interpreting them slightly differently.


      Not usually an issue, but on stuff that is frame critical like remapping for lip-synch, it's quite a hassle.


      This occurs on either copy and paste from Premiere to AE, or on "Replace With After Effects Composition." I've had even worse results bringing things into AE by importing the project file.


      Any ideas to get around this?