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    Unformattable Indesign text - how to remove unwanted spaces between paragraphs?

    Samuel Malkemus

      I have a 95 page indesign document. I have some unwanted spaces between paragraphs. I have been unable to get rid of these spaces. I have attempted to override formatting, using the paragraph styles window, but in this case indesign does not even recognize the formatting. I have paragraphs formatted to 0p0 before and after paragraphs and yet a space still remains between certain paragraphs. I am going crazy!


      The problem lies in the text being imported in strange formatt, yet this was like five years ago and I don't even have access to the original text to try to import it once more. Maybe because it is a document for Indesign c5 and now I am using c6?


      Any help gratefully appreciated,



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