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    Canon 6D importing at custom white balance


      I'm using Lightroom 5 and edit images from several different cameras including a Canon 60D, Canon 6D and 4 different Nikons.


      All of the images import as expected with the exception of my Canon 6D which automatically import at a custom white balance of 4450. Changing the images to "as shot" does the trick to fix it, but this is an annoying and unnecessary step.


      I'm totally stumped as it only happens on this camera, but I've given my cards to other lightroom users and they're not experiencing the same issue on their machines. I *think* I have restored all of the default presets and I've double checked my import presets with nothing looking funky.


      Any thoughts of something I may have missed?

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It sounds like you have custom camera-raw defaults to include a specific custom WB not As Shot.


          There are a couple ways to fix this:


          1)      Reset to Adobe defaults


          2)      Update your custom default to include As Shot WB.


          Both of these options are available by pressing the Alt key in Develop which will set the Reset button to Set Default… and then choose one of the two options.


          If you want to update your defaults with the correct WB, import a completely new picture from the 6D which should have settings of whatever LR normally imports as which a specific WB, set the WB to As Shot, then use (alt) Set Default… / Update to Current Settings to change the Default WB to As Shot.

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            chelle2081 Level 1

            THANK YOU! This solved it!