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    Keyframes deleted after exporting selection. Any way to recover?


      Hey folks,


      It looks like I may have been burned by the autosave feature. This evening I went into an old flash file to grab some stills that I could pull into an illustrator file via export selection. I didn't remove any frames from the timeline while I was working, but I did notice that the file autosaved a handful of times. When I went back into the file again later to export another graphic, I noticed that a handful of layers had suddenly lost their keyframes. The frames affected were all in graphics. This is a project I'm somewhat far removed from now, so I'm not planning to spend the time to go back and redraw everything that's missing, but it really irks me that this stuff disappeared when I went into the program to do some pretty non-invasive editing.


      So my question is, before this gets too far away, is there a way to revert the autosaved file to an earlier version (even imperfectly or incompletely just to find the missing chunks and manually reinsert them into current document). Is there anywhere that missing frames have been known to show up? There's an entry for today in the swf history that says "swf size increased over 50%," in case that is helpful to know.


      First time here, so let's hope I'm doing this by the books:


      Adobe Flash Professional CS 6,

      Windows 7


      HP laptop, nothing too fancy here.

      64bit operating system

      6 gb ram

      Intel Core i5-2439M cpu @ 2.4 GHz